Looking back on my hoopgrowth and flow.. And current taking form of hoopstyle.

I am rewatching all of my hoopvids .. I started hooping in april 2010, and then kind of stopped.. well ok I picked up my hoop every now and then, but never really pushed myself to go that extra bit. Maybe due to the fact that I had and was going through some heavy stuff..


Then in november 2010 I got word Bax&Breck were coming to give an workshop, and I was like UHOH!

What if I cant keep up or am 'not good enough' , so i stepped up big time!


After the workshop I was seriously obsessed, and then I basicly started what I would like to almost call a hoopstudy.

Now rewatching my vids, I can see i have been going through different hooptechinique phases which I was trying to learn.


I was noticing lately that I am lackin or losing some of the things I had learned over the time being. Probly and maybe because I am still learning.

So now rewatching my vids, I am hoping I can try and pick out the 'bits and pieces' I really like and mix them up with my 'now taking form of style in hooping'.


So I am asking you hoopers if any of you have experienced this to?


Love Fox

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