Love Hoop Heal: A Global Healing Initiative

Hello Hoopers,

My name is Amanda Emsland and I have been on a personal healing journey for over 4 years which helped me create a philosophy for life and business/non-profit called I Am Love In Action, Healing Ourselves Heals The World!

Recently this philosophy lead me to Rwanda where I hosted a number of projects, one of which was called Love Hoop Rwanda. This is a call to Hoopers around the world to take your skills to the streets, the mountains, the places others are afraid to go in order to facilitate healing and change on a Global scale. There are currently 3 projects underway in Rwanda and in Canada.

"Love Hoop Rwanda" is a project about Love, Authentic Joy and Unity of Spirit. My intention was to share something with Rwanda that brings me great Joy in life and a feeling of freedom within. I believe that when we act from that true place within ourselves we can connect to others without words. Creative movement is a way to communicate our stories to each other that is Universal.

The Hoops are covered with traditional fabrics to symbolically unite the two cultures. My intention was to take the hoops to the streets of Kigali City and remote villages to share this gift with those who have never had the opportunity to experienced it before.

We are all united in our human emotions and I feel they are meant to be expressed and shared. I am sharing my love to facilitate others experiencing Joy in a place where it is much needed.

This project was life changing for me and for the people involved. It was done on the streets, in orphanages, in the most remote corners of Rwanda and the hoops have been left behind to facilitate more sharing by locals who participated in the project.

Are you brave, bold and looking for an adventure that you won't find in any magazine or tourist guide book? Then this may just be for you!

This project is open to anyone who wants to take hooping to a new place, a selfless place that offers as much as it gives. 

This project is not about showing off how good you are or even about doing tricks or fancy moves, it is simply about sharing Joy and Healing, it is accessible to anyone and everyone!

If anyone has project ideas and wants to be a part of this please check out the Facebook page: Love Hoop Heal and send me a message or email at:

My goal is to gather project photos and stories to create a book to raise money and facilitate more projects!

For more information about my philosophy, journey to Rwanda and more please go to:

Keep On Hooping!

Love Amanda

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Comment by IrieAmy on July 1, 2014 at 6:26am

This is beautiful!


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