My fiance gave me the greatest day I've had since I broke my back. It all started when he roasted us hot dogs by a campfire high in the mountains. Forest flowers covered the ground and trees. My favorite, and very rare, wild flower was abundant. The purple flower grows on trees like lights on christmas trees. All the flowers drew in many different type of butterflies. One butterfly, with a torn wing, landed on my back brace. I felt just like a forest fairy.


Then my love drove us to Missoula to go to the Primus concert. When we entered, my fiance was told that hula hoops were not allowed inside. Being a crippled, the staff allowed us to bring the hula hoop in for the time being. Because I'm currently crippled, my fiance didn't want me to try to hula hoop dance. He is worried I will trip and fall. One fall and I'm back in the hospital. With the hoop in my hand and Primus rocking so nicely, I ingored his pleas and started jamming.


Shoulder hooping went smoothly. My paralized left leg swung me around in a unsteady circle while the hoop kept spinning. My arms down by my sides then begain to swing the hoop around my back brace. When the music gave me a cue, I popped my arms out of the hoop, and for the first time ever, I hooped on my back brace. I wanted more on body movement. The hoop finally left my back brace and spun down to my hips. With complete control, I dropped the hoop from my hips to my knees then back up to my hips. Hooping on a paralized leg was awesome. It's not so paralized any more.


The love of my life told me to take a break. We started dancing together. Before we even went to the concert, I was worried about how silly I look in a back brace. I view elderly women more attractive than me because they are wearing dresses and not back braces. But all the college and elder women at the concert were not dancing as much as me. I had a hoop and a man to dance with. I rocked hard alongside the music in the stiff back brace. Women even came up to me to give me compliments about my hoop dance. They don't know I'm struggling with a paralized leg, they just know I rock at hooping!


Yesturday was a dream come true. Breaking my back is a nightmare, but yesturday gave me faith that every little thing will be alright. I hooped on my body for the first time in two months! I hooped on my back brace! I did the unthinkable, and I never fell, I didn't get tired, nor did I embarrass myself.


My finace asked me to marry him in the hospital. He told me last night at the concert he was ready to marry me while I was rolling around in the wheel chair. After seeing me hoop again, he said he's even more excited to become my husband. Two months ago I almost died, now here I am with my future much brighter than before my car accident.

I'm so grateful I finally got to rock again. I'm so grateful I had a magical day that really cleared up my thoughts. I'm a forest fairy. Like a butterfly, I was put on this earth to dance around freely. Even with a torn up wing, I can fly around rock concerts! Oh how good the Primus concert was. Queens of The Stone Age will be even better!

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