While waiting my new and The First polypro - naked strawberry glow in the dark 34'' from Rainbow Hoops - I'm enjoying my cheapest and smallest market hoop. It was originally a Hello Kitty hoop, bright pink with Kitty tape and bit of a glitter baked to the hoop, but I took Kitty tape off and taped it with a bit sticky electrical tape. Now it's all black little hoop (30'' diameter).

I'm having difficulties to do on body tricks with it but it has opened The Illusionfull World of ISOlations to me :) And it makes me happy and inspired to even look at the hoops simple perfection. Just black and quite small, perfect circle unlike the ones I made all by my self.

Maybe this little black one will be my all time favorite hoop even after testing all the other expensive and fancy coloured hoops in the world..?

After all, simplicity seems to be one of the most important forces in hooping for me. One good example of this is when I wanted to start hooping last autumn, I didn't find a good place to do that. In january, I just cleaned up my parents biggest bedroom and there it FINALLY was: my private hooping mecca!

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