It's been a long day and all I could think of was I need some me time.  Me time=me and my hoops.

The sun was just coming through the trees, making those beautiful sun patterns in the woods.  Grabbed my hoops, called the dogs and off to the forest.  The wind is softly blowing, cooling my skin as the sun competes to heat it back up. There are wild flowers blooming all along the worn path as I make my way deeper into the woods.  Walking on the earth's floor still creates that crunching sound reminiscent of fall.

I can smell a mix of lavender and evergreens as I continue my silent journey.  Even the dogs are quietly walking beside me as if they too can feel the sacredness of this journey.  We continue on together, towards the sound of rushing water.

Coming to a clearing, I see it. The perfect spot in the middle of nowhere. Pieces of the mountain are jutting out from our Mother Earth and just beyond them - the rushing water.  No music is needed here, it's the most beautiful sound with no interruptions from man-made noise.  

The dogs break out into a run and from the boulders, jump into the water and begin their dance - splashing and chasing bugs.  I silently climb atop the giant rocks, smile at my canines, breath in deeply and begin to spin. Time stands still - the sun sets and yet I continue to dance.

Eventually I realize so much time has passed and I must make my way back home.

I open my eyes, pick my hoops up, turn on my music and begin my practice - in my front yard.  Even in my mind - I can hoop in the most glorious places.

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