Weekend hooping getting the flow back...

Great weekend hooping Friday on the beach. With a new friend on Saturday in the park..it was fun to talk and to share the same hooping comments..."do you find yourself hooping random things" :) but i need to relax more around experienced hoopers. Sunday hooping alone on the beach...thoughts about family more like happy tears..a girl came up to me and said she loved watching me hoop she could tell i was meditating..Tears have been happening a lot while hooping.. Lighting in a bottle...lots of crying.. with lots of happy hooping..staring to feel the power of it.. can't explain it..Lots of hoopers where trying to help me with my tears.. i hope i can find those hoopers again.. I close my eyes a lot when i hoop.. i try not to get detracted... but when i hoop with people i have to talk and hoop at the same time so i can relax instead of just learn a trix.. i need to get over my learning issues..   this feels good to get this out.... yeahhhhh happy now ;)

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