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At 7:22pm on February 16, 2012, Sarah Sparkles* Sparkle & Burn* said…

thanks for the video love!! <3

At 12:08pm on January 26, 2011, RhiRee said…
I love all of your costumes. They are so brilliant :)
At 3:32pm on January 11, 2011, Nikki Osier said…
Yes! Sacred flame is awesome! I LOVE my hoop too! :)
At 5:31pm on January 4, 2011,
Natalie McAnulla
congrats on the fire hoop!!! cant wait to see yr vids
At 10:19am on December 18, 2010, Miss BeatZ said…

I hear ya girl.  I know Dallas is a bit far.  One of these days I'll make it out to Austin.  We plan on being out there more often this coming year...we'll have to set up some hoop dates for sure!  :)  I've never been to Houston.  Perhaps that will change this year as well.  Have a great weekend!

At 6:27pm on December 13, 2010, Miss BeatZ said…
Hey hoop mama!!!! Glad you found me on here. :) Are you by chance planning any visits to Dallas?
At 2:09pm on December 3, 2010,
Rebecca DeShon of HoopEssence*
woohoo! looking good si-STAR!
At 4:34pm on December 2, 2010,
Amy the Industrial Hooper
It's a zentai suit from Milanoo. It should be noted that Milanoo is cheap but I guess they're known for quality issues. I've only worn mine twice so far so I haven't seen long wear problems as of yet. There's actually a lot of companies, it kind of depends on what you want to spend and what features you want on it.
It's actually surprisingly warm in the cold.
At 10:49am on October 20, 2010,
Miss Texas
Hey glad to see you're active on hoopcity! Really a long time, lol. But it's so wierd/funny how we ended up in the same place anyway and got featured at the same time. I should be heading back to Austin in the next year or so, I'm sure we'll meet up then! Take care and happy hooping :)
At 7:18am on June 11, 2010,
Miss Texas
hey lindsey, what's up!? I recognized you from the "neon emu" name and knew it was you... lol i just started hooping 4 months ago but it looks like you've been doing it for a while.. anyway peace, take care!
At 8:22am on May 5, 2010, Tokyo Sunshine said…
Thanks! I got my hoop from rob the cosmic hooper! its the one that breaks down into 2 mini hoops with a little customization on my part to imitate a psi hoop ;D
At 1:37pm on January 10, 2010, Jessica Packard "JesSpins" said…
Hey! I <3 my LED hoop. I haven't tried any other LED hoops so I don't have much else to compare it to (but i'll do my best). I have a regular hoop that is 3/4" 100psi and it feels similar to the LED hoop. Though the LED is a little heavier cause of the lights and battery. There is a slight wobble to it, but that's something I can easily compensate for (and something I didn't notice till I paid attention to it). My only complaint is that is the hoop is a little larger around the connector/battery area. The grip is WONDERFUL!! much easier leg hooping with it than my normal hoop. no rattling. (you might be able to see closer detail of the hoop in my video . In the beginning of the vid i snap it together (which is how you turn the hoop on and off). But it's SOOO bright and beautiful. 32 LEDs for $100 was the best I found and I shopped for a bout a week for an LED hoop. (plus I had $100 budget) I didn't like how other sites only offered 10-12 lights for $100 and I just didn't like the way they looked. The quality is nice (though there is one light that flickers sometimes... but it's ok cause i've got a year warranty on this baby). No matter my small concerns I'm completely happy with my choice!!! hope I have helped.
At 4:29pm on October 19, 2009,
Sara Christine Pennington Booher
i use metallic sewing thread. it comes in all kinds of metallics. you should be able to find it at Joanns or hancocks.
At 3:11pm on October 19, 2009, Diane said…
i'm sending you a friend request. the thing that prompted this was the cat picture thread, and your pic with the two cats in the solid neon green hoop. that hoop looks like one of my favorites. is it neon green sequin tape? looked like it. totally my favorite tape. not enough people of the neohn persuasion on here lol
oh yeah! and one of my best friends, rory, just moved to austin. maybe you'll meet her at some local hoopiness
anywho.... sending you a friend request now, if youll have me?
At 6:41pm on September 27, 2009,
Farren Square
*poke* remember when you were on DT and just starting with a hoop? Now look at you go!
At 2:33pm on September 20, 2009,
Aura C
oo hehe i finally have a hoop now!! and all the bruises that come with it too =) lol i think im gonna post my first video soon, lemme know if you ever need new videos or photos for your website.. im a photographer and looove helpin out hoopers!
At 12:01pm on July 27, 2009,
Rachel M
When I'm logged in, I am the admin so I don't see the button to join group. I did just send you a personal invite though, I hope that helps!
At 10:37am on July 27, 2009,
Rachel M
I've set up a group for Austin folks. Please join if you're interested!
At 7:21pm on June 10, 2009,
That would be sweet to see a costume time line! It would be neat to watch how your costumes evolve over time. ; )
At 10:34am on March 11, 2009,
l "lady lamb" to the inz
good choice! i should be gettng mine today or tomorrow eee im excited well it looks good bc ive heard mixed reviews so i looked like you really enjoyed it. have a happy day >>hella hooop

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