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At 1:13pm on April 18, 2012,

Love the new photo, Elle!

At 2:28pm on April 14, 2012, Niji Chan said…

sounds great! always happy to make new friends!! =D

must be hard to be a hooper in alaska, what with the cold weather and whatnot!

At 8:54pm on February 24, 2012, sun child said…

awww man i wish you were close so we could get down together

At 8:46am on November 17, 2011,
Tilly Whirls

That's awesome that you used to live in this area. I'm from Michigan, but I love it here and have no plans to leave. If you're ever back home for a visit or something we'll have to hoop together!!! :D

At 8:11am on November 10, 2011, sun child said…

thank you girl that was really sweet of you. Where do you live??

At 8:44pm on October 4, 2011, Mootie Scootie said…
Thank you Amanda, you are my first friend here on Hoop City that is not a family member.  Woo Hoo!  You Rock!  I was feeling alittle sad looking at my friends button saying "you have NO friends" every day. 
At 8:36pm on October 4, 2011, Mootie Scootie said…
Thank you for the welcome and the HugZzz!
At 12:08pm on October 4, 2011,
Cheez Hoops
Thank you for the comment! I'm excited you are inspired to do a video because of mine! I was just doing what I do! And I hope you are able to get the video done before all the snow arrives! Please keep me posted and I will keep an eye out for your video! Hoop Happy!
At 9:31pm on October 1, 2011,
omg - thank you so much for your encouraging words about my video!!  :)
At 1:24am on August 21, 2011,

Whoops hit wrong button!! I think! still half asleep!  How is it in Alaska? I stopped off there once on my way to Japan and it was very very cold!! How long have you been hooping?


Juno x

At 11:10am on August 20, 2011, Hoopaholic said…
At 7:48pm on August 18, 2011, Miss Debra said…

hey girl!

so stoked to see you on here, and so stoked to be back on the website, its been a while, but you have brought me back!! cant wait to watch your videos!

At 12:55pm on August 14, 2011,
Oh what a small world! I'm in Oswego all the time. How are you liking Alaska?
At 3:33pm on August 8, 2011, Melissa Frattura said…
Thanks amanda! i am actually now living in kelowna! Love it here it is absolutely beautiful!! :)
At 11:25am on August 4, 2011, Miss Strange said…
Stretching is the best. I think once my school finals are over im going to go back to stretching everyday. I want to be able to do a split again and then be able to hoo on one foot over my head. Lol its going to be so much work though, but worth it.
At 12:36pm on August 2, 2011, Miss Strange said…
ooooo girl let me TELL you! thank you so much for your lovely words! I've took dance all through middle and high school and before that I took gymnastics for like 5 years. I go to Berklee College of Music so when I started college I had to stop dance (money / time issues) but then I picked up a hoop a year and a half ago and couldnt stop. lol I started working on getting my dance skill back up par but I still have some work to do. (always work to do :) ) Its crazy how much flexibility you lose in 3 years without dancing or stretching. I'm getting back into stretching more now and thats how I learned to hoop on one foot during a back bend. stretching opens up lots of new planes for the hoop. 30 mins a day goes a long way. by the way, your comment made my day!
At 4:22pm on August 1, 2011,
Aisha Soleil Wallis
Hi!! Sorry it took me so long to comment back! Honestly, and I feel really dumb, but I couldn't figure out how to see my comments on my profile. LOL! Sad, I know. And I call myself computer-savvy. *sigh*

I definitely plan on making a video. I decided to do one after I've finished with my first class on here. The classes are AWESOME and I've learned so much in such a short amount of time. I haven't been able to practice some moves as much as I would like though. Not a lot of room in my house to do many of the off-the-body movements and it has been ridiculously hot outside! Too hot for hooping sadly. :-( I live in Oklahoma and it has been in the triple digits for months now.
At 2:53pm on July 29, 2011, Melissa Perkins said…
Thanks f0r the c0mment and the add! i w0uld l0ve t0 be friends and get t0gether and h00p and learn fr0m each 0ther! my cell is 75 6766 there is a  h00p jam at w0nderland park in wasilla with spin gypsy 0n the thirty first ... this sunday!! text me with y0u rname and i will save y0ur number!!!!
At 8:55am on July 24, 2011, karen darvin said…
i wish, my teacher from Sassy Hoops Julia made it, but i took a workshop from her where she had to make most of my own( two little ones)She is fantastic but she is not qualified to be a teacher alhough she is qualified herself. Cause i was thinking of that. Now I'm slowed down a little for awhile except maybe learn leg.Where are  you?
At 5:15pm on July 15, 2011,
Aisha Soleil Wallis
Hi! Thank you for the friend invite! I actually ran across your profile the other day and I peeped at a couple of your videos. You're doing so well! At some point soon I am going to get up the courage to post a progress video of my own.

Happy hooping!!!!!!

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