Title says it all. I went to my Grandma's house with my boyfriend, and took my self-made collapsible hoop with me. There I discovered I don't suck entirely, because open space really brings out the best in you. ;) I was so exhilarated I wanted to record my first video, and here it is. Lots of off-body tricks and reversals in this one, and even a semi-successful attempt at the one-leg escalator. ;D Boyfriend was struck by my awesomeness, of course. ;) So yeah, here it is, ending my rambling. Will post another one when I get better. :)

Oh yeah, no choreography there, just pure improvisation. It shows, I'm sure. ;p And I apologize for the quality of the video and sound - the only thing that worked was my iPod, and I'm not really good at trimming and compressing videos. :p

Music: "Honey, Honey" from "Mamma Mia!" soundtrack, performed by Amanda Seyfried.

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Comment by Mandy Kistler ~HoopHipNotic~ on October 15, 2011 at 9:02am
lol it is all good I am learning my old school morality is way to opinionated for everyone and my suggestions can be misconstrued as hating. Rock it out mamma and love live laugh in the circle and keep up the hooping :-D
Comment by Hooploose on August 15, 2011 at 1:35am

@Eshna: thanks! And yeah, at grandma's there's plenty of space, fortunately. :D


@Mandy: wow, that was totally not my line of thinking. :D I was wearing a bikini simply because it was freakin' HOT and I was sweating like Niagara Falls anyway. ;) I'm sorry if I offended you in any way, but I assure you the only reason for such a skimpy outfit was temperature, one of the first sunny and warm days after a rainy July. :) I'd have done the video in regular clothes, had it not been so. My next one will probably be in a bikini too, because I'm off to the sea coast for two weeks or more, but again, what else can you wear on a hot summer beach? ;) Bear with me, when it gets colder, I'll be back to clothes. :D

Comment by Eshna on August 13, 2011 at 5:02am
WoW!! Your so good!! And you finally got an open space to hoop- wuhoo :DD
Comment by Hooploose on August 9, 2011 at 1:17pm
Aww, thank you! :) I'm sure you'd do great if it were a little longer than 30 second.s ;) Maybe you could ask someone to film you, so that you could focus on hooping. Music helps a lot, too - I just turned on the CD player in my car, that's why it's so darn quiet in the video. ;D
Comment by Tiffany Jenson on August 8, 2011 at 11:06pm
Great job!!! This is WAY better than my first video haha!!

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