How To Create a Heart-Shaped Hoop (with bloopers)

Our first 'tutorial' from Island Hula Hoopla! If you like hooping... that is, playing and dancing with circles, you'll LOVE our heart shaped hoops! They're guaranteed to generate smiles. We had a giggle at our out-takes and decided to share some bloopers at the end of the video, too.
LARGE HOOP MEASUREMENTS: 3/4" polyethlyene (or your choice of) tubing, at least 140 inches, 354 cm total length or two equal lengths of 70", 177cm each side
MINI HOOP MEASUREMENTS: 1/2 " PEX tubing, 66 inches or 168 cm total or 2 equal pieces of 33" or 84 cm per side

Happy Heart Hooping, with LOVE from Lyndsay and Tracey!

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Comment by Tracey*Hula Hoopla* on February 12, 2012 at 8:47am

Heart Hoops are really fun - they lend themselves well to clowning, kids shows, and even burlesque.  Because of their dynamic 'architecture' (points, swoops and lines) there are many grip options and surfaces to explore for object manipulation.  They are more challenging than a circle.  The mini heart pairs are quite fun when spun as mini hoops would be, on the hands. 

The large body hoops, to be honest, I can only hoop a few solid rotations around my core.  We mostly use the large hearts as dance props for jumps, twirls, and basically looking cute with.  You can do many, many off body moves with them.  You can see our 'moves' in our HappyLove Heart HoopDance video.  We made the heart hoops for the dance and it's our first explorative piece. 

I have gifted a few sets of mini heart pairs and everyone does something different with them.   Your only limit is your imagination!

Comment by BirdieBlueDream on February 11, 2012 at 11:59am

i'm with it but I only have one question first. Can you hoop with a heart shaped hoop?

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