The Hoop Unit retells the story of Pandora's Box with theatrical movement and flow.,

Pandora was created by the ancient Greek Goddesses on Mount Olympus as the first ever human woman. She was drawn out of the earth, air, fire and water. She was taught all the abilities, "Pandora" means "all able". This includes dance, creative expressive movement, the art of fire, hooping, poi spinning and double staff. Pandora was gifted a box she was told never to open. Curiosity got to her and she opened the forbidden box, which in this case, allowed all of the carnal earthly desires to escape.

The sexy, scary, creepy, beautiful, provocative performances defined Unity's first production "The Pandorica Opens" as a complete success.

Thank you John Hurwitz for filming this show! Performers here are: Valentina (Unity), Leela, Wendy, Carly, Susanne, Kiana, Mikayla, Jenny, Kristin, Stephanie, Leticia, Lilly, Melissa, Heidi, Jessica & Adriana

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