chels's Videos (10)

  • Improvement

    Improvement 04:38

    I was bored on a lazy day so i just practiced free style. I am happy to see improvement even though… Tags: pro, poly chels Jun 2, 2011 41 views

  • Got it down

    Got it down 0:18

    I finally got this down...haha kinda Tags: cope, citizen chels Mar 9, 2011 100 views

  • LED hoop love!

    LED hoop love! 05:06

    I can hardly do anything in this tiny space, but enjoy my birthday gift anyway! :D Tags: birthday, dance chels Feb 2, 2011 89 views

  • 1st LED!

    1st LED! 03:24

    just messing around with my new obsession... a led polypro! Music is by Crystal method Tags: Method, Crystal chels Feb 2, 2011 39 views

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