JeNi's Videos (17)

  • Happy Hoopin

    Happy Hoopin

    It has been about a year since I started hooping, and it has helped my life in so many ways! Tags: ga, valdosta JeNi Sep 22, 2009 182 views

  • Allgood Hoop Jam!

    Allgood Hoop Jam!

    This was saturday at the hoop jam! What a blast I met so many cool hoopers :) Lil willow at the end… Tags: hoop, jam JeNi Jul 15, 2009 96 views

  • My first hoop vid!

    My first hoop vid!

    Sorry for the repetitiveness/lack of tricks... I've only been hooping about 4 months now :) Tags: practice JeNi Jan 24, 2009 108 views

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