Maryellen's Videos (46)

  • fuckall hooping

    fuckall hooping

    Its a fun day. Im hooping to Tom Waits, not giving fuck all what anyone thinks. Love, Maryellen. FU… Maryellen Jan 27, 2013 18 views

  • slippery little devil hoops

    slippery little devil hoops

    Jessi gave me a challenge! Hooping to Clutch with my new polypro minis, theyre slippery little devi… Maryellen Jan 21, 2013 9 views

  • Black Snake Moan

    Black Snake Moan

    Thanks Jessi for my new polypro minis, i love them! Just a little fun with minis and black snake mo… Maryellen Jan 18, 2013 19 views

  • cherry blossom girl

    cherry blossom girl

    Sustained spinning to something ive never heard before, Air-Cherry Blossom Girl. Maryellen Jan 18, 2013 13 views

  • Change is gonna come

    Change is gonna come

    Hooping to the Gits, thanks to my mckays media for having this cd, I missed this one. Maryellen Jan 4, 2013 5 views

  • Nighttime blues

    Nighttime blues

    Really digging upstairs hoop spot, that and some bluesy dark punkgrass from Strung like a horse and… Maryellen Dec 29, 2012 35 views

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