Kat Massock's Videos (32)

  • Please Don't Go

    Please Don't Go

    Dedicated to my little brother, Aaron. This is year is going by so quickly and I realized that in a… Kat Massock Mar 6 18 views

  • Bodylove


    I know girls (bodylove) by Mary Lambert I had never known what it was like to love my body until I… Kat Massock Nov 20, 2013 25 views

  • Oblivion


    I'm BACKKKK!!!! Sorry for the lack of videos lately I went back to the stone ages and lived without… Kat Massock Jul 22, 2013 12 views

  • Vibe


    Sometimes the right music makes all the difference in my flow. Song: More Than Ever by Rebelution Kat Massock Apr 2, 2013 17 views

  • Only You

    Only You

    Couldn't make it another day without hooping on vacation so I got myself this nifty childrens hoop… Kat Massock Dec 28, 2012 9 views

  • Extension.


    This was just some practice I decided to post because I finally feel like my hoop has become a danc… Kat Massock Dec 16, 2012 25 views

  • just practice

    just practice

    Roomates are out of town and i got a lot of practicing in. Song: Under the Same Sun by Ben Howard Kat Massock Sep 10, 2012 11 views

  • Lovekiller


    Song: Love Killer by Cheryl Cole Sorry for the lighting, youtube "fixed" it for me... Kat Massock Sep 8, 2012 14 views

  • Practicing


    Nothing special, just finished moving in to my new place and finally got a chance to hoop in it c: Kat Massock Aug 30, 2012 2 views

  • Agoraphobia


    I have become seriously disconnected with my hoop, this video really shows it. I need to find my fl… Kat Massock Jul 30, 2012 48 views

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