leiruM's Videos (46)

  • Progressin Messing

    Progressin Messing

    Moving, non stop, see how far I can flow without distraction. Just going! leiruM Apr 26, 2012 34 views

  • Quicky


    Music by Tokimonsta Some practice for old times sake, eh? Enjoying some new found flow, and trying… leiruM Apr 26, 2012 8 views

  • Elliott


    Jamming to Elliott Smith's beautiful music. leiruM Mar 3, 2012 16 views

  • Broadcastin'


    Sooooo much music to love. Gramatik & M83. leiruM Feb 9, 2012 11 views

  • Neon Indian Jam

    Neon Indian Jam

    Music by Neon Indian Hooping by I, Muriel :3 Enjoy leiruM Feb 9, 2012 33 views

  • Blessed


    Music is by MC Supernatural Dreamy effect since the vid came out too dark. Wheee I lose my groove d… leiruM Jan 1, 2012 10 views

  • Spell


    Music by Desire. Under your Spell. Having fun with editing :) leiruM Nov 12, 2011 20 views

  • Pleasures


    Just got my 30" 3/4 OD teal polypros :) This is me practicing with one and then two to the lovely m… leiruM Oct 4, 2011 59 views

  • Regresar


    Nothing new, I had posted this vid before but decided the vimeo version was better quality than the… leiruM Sep 28, 2011 29 views

  • Bonobo Hoop Mash Up

    Bonobo Hoop Mash Up

    Practice practice practice leiruM Aug 2, 2011 40 views

  • Movement


    Really focused on body movement for this one. Playing with my silhouette and the lighting. Kinda lo… leiruM Jul 9, 2011 38 views

  • July


    Pardon my clothing! I definitely thought those shorts did better at hiding...but they don't. I AM w… leiruM Jul 1, 2011 39 views

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