Alycia Betts's Videos (19)

  • Getting shpongled

    Getting shpongled

    Release. My head is spinning just like my hoop. Summer come back.. Alycia Betts Oct 8, 2012 22 views

  • I feel good

    I feel good

    Forgot about this video. Took this about a month ago. Lots of dropping the hoop, but I've come so f… Alycia Betts Sep 27, 2012 15 views

  • Hooplish 2012

    Hooplish 2012

    This is just a video I put together from my practice today, the first half is alot of the same tric… Alycia Betts Jul 31, 2012 56 views

  • Early morning hoop

    Early morning hoop

    Just documenting. Just woke up but in the mood to hoop. Curious as to how I make some tricks look. Alycia Betts Jul 5, 2012 71 views

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