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  • River Run.

    River Run.

    Hooping out back by a small creek and getting in my SCI fix. There is a song change and something w… Tags: rkiver, lynn BreVolvin Sep 28, 2011 100 views

  • Summer Progression

    Summer Progression

    Lately i'ver been lucky enough to have a fair amount of extra time to hoop. This is quite long but… Tags: lynn, brianna BreVolvin Jun 28, 2011 148 views

  • Purest Love.

    Purest Love.

    Hooping out back and getting more comfortable with my polypro, anxious to start the summer off with… Tags: lynn, brianna BreVolvin Jun 15, 2011 320 views

  • Sphongle'd LED

    Sphongle'd LED

    Lighted Lifestyle Hoop i got a couple months back, a little heavier than what i normally hoop with… Tags: lynn, brianna BreVolvin May 7, 2011 110 views

  • Back To The Earth

    Back To The Earth 05:22

    This song is a little slower than what i normally hoop to, but im really trying to concentrate on m… Tags: brianna, iso BreVolvin Jul 20, 2010 267 views

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