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  • I love circles.

    I love circles.

    I'm in love with shapes. My hoop is my muse. Music: Swimming in a Feverdream by Bluetech Tags: dance, polypro meme Jul 29, 2012 68 views

  • shake it off

    shake it off

    Music: Down- Sepalcure remix by Daedelus This past month I have been out of a place to stay and l… Tags: polypro, minis meme Jul 29, 2012 54 views

  • sweat pantz hoop dance

    sweat pantz hoop dance

    oh you know..just "playing with a hula hoop in my living room" like a looooser, haha (; Tags: astral, atomic meme Feb 23, 2012 48 views

  • GLO Night

    GLO Night

    A video my friend Tommy made for us at a recent event. It came out great, thanks so much for watchi… Tags: meme, ladydub meme Feb 12, 2012 156 views

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