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  • livin' the dream

    livin' the dream

    Took a trip down memory lane with this one. A friend of mine from undergrad introduced me to this s… Tags: dream, hip Hoopiyali Dec 26, 2013 7 views

  • dreams come true

    dreams come true

    10 months hooping. Are my moves nsync? :p bwahahaha I just wanted to show the little move in the b… Tags: nsync, 10 Hoopiyali Dec 26, 2013 6 views

  • sunny day hoop sesh

    sunny day hoop sesh

    Had to take advantage of the beautiful weather today for a nice relaxed hoop sesh. Just enjoying th… Tags: 8, months Hoopiyali Sep 20, 2013 26 views

  • July 2013

    July 2013 01:13

    3 months.. Getting a bit more comfortable with the hoop. Vortex, rising sun, chest & shoulder h… Tags: months, 3 Silver Sep 13, 2013 24 views

  • gold is not enough

    gold is not enough

    I love this song so much! My inferior computer speakers don't do it justice. :-) Another clip from… Tags: months, 7 Hoopiyali Aug 21, 2013 16 views

  • you got to go

    you got to go

    Yay for 7 months of hooping! Just a few song clips from my practice a few days after my first hoop… Tags: months, 7 Hoopiyali Aug 21, 2013 12 views

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