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  • three hoops!

    three hoops! 01:15

    i did this song because i've been stuck on it all week! it makes me feel so good just like hooping.… Tags: practice, multiple Aurora Oct 11, 2010 59 views

  • Hooping to Dark Star

    Hooping to Dark Star 03:47

    Music: Band: Grateful Dead Song: Dark Star :] Video from World Hoop Day! Glad there's a day for ho… Phish Phan Oct 11, 2010 104 views

  • I love to hoop, man

    I love to hoop, man 03:22

    Music:::: Band: Beck Song: Think I'm in Love Day after world hoop day! Just some practice, not THE… Phish Phan Oct 11, 2010 55 views

  • My First Hooping Video

    My First Hooping Video

    Celebrating World Hoop Day and becoming a Registered Massage Therapist!! I have been hooping for ov… Tags: hoop, dance Martina Oct 11, 2010 156 views

  • 3months hooping

    3months hooping

    nelson ledges summerdance august 28 2010.. first hoop video, i like watching this, my how ive grown… AmaraZingara Oct 11, 2010 168 views

  • IMG_1464

    IMG_1464 03:40

    EarldaGirl, First Ever Ocean Hula Hoop S.U.P. in honor of World Hoop Day (Hoopd Day Dance). Santa C… Tags: Cruz, Santa Earlene Alexiou Oct 11, 2010 201 views

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