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  • Sick Spin

    Sick Spin 06:33

    Longer snippet from my sick day jam, keeping things simple and working on my usually non-existent b… Tags: dance, isolation REDS Oct 26, 2010 83 views

  • Latest mini hoop progress

    Latest mini hoop progress

    Been working with minis for a couple weeks now thanks to Safire's minis class. Here's my progress s… Tags: mini, dance AlliHoop Oct 26, 2010 102 views

  • WITD

    WITD 04:09

    I'm interested in the process of creating a performance. This, for example is the first time I'd pe… Tags: Performance., Juggling Bradle Oct 26, 2010 122 views

  • Enjoy The Show!

    Enjoy The Show!

    This is my introduction to the first of many random and fun clips I will be sharing through this ne… Madison Orange Oct 26, 2010 26 views

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