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  • Tuesday Flow

    Tuesday Flow

    I was very proud of today's flow sesh, so I made this video (= I hope you guys enjoy, comments are… Olivia Reid Oct 14 22 views

  • thriller hoopdance

    thriller hoopdance

    Feeling spooky this morning ~ using a 33' moodhoops uv yellow polypro music by the king of pop Mich… Ella Oct 14 16 views

  • GoPro Hula Hoop

    GoPro Hula Hoop

    Sloppy hooping with a camera that isn't a GameBoy Color. Song is Crimewave by Crystal Castles -- I… Tags: gopro Pippin Oct 14 10 views

  • Triquetra Concept Props

    Triquetra Concept Props

    I remade this video because the other version was absolutely potato quality. Song is Zodiac Shit by… Pippin Oct 11 11 views

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