Best Outfits To Wear For Hooping

Wear For Hooping

When hula hooping, the best recommended basketball shoes and clothes to wear are clothes that allow your skin to touch the hula hoop the most. This makes the hooping go more smoothly and more enjoyably. It is important that the perfect clothes are chosen before hooping.

When hula hooping is done with other props, it can be very risky to wear loose clothing. Fire spinning with loose clothing may lead to catastrophe at festivals, ruining the show and making the party foul and harmful!

Hoop Shoes

Here are examples of clothes you should wear to hula hoop:

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits allow for maximal contact between the skin and hoop. It is the best option for hula hooping. The increased skin contact with the hoop makes it easier to control and it stays compliant for longer periods. There are usually only minimal slips with this outfit.

Midriff Tops

The cut above the waist design of midriff tops allows for direct contact between the waist skin and hoop.


Shorts give leg access and allow for contact between the legs and hoop. It is especially helpful for hooping techniques involving the knee and thigh.

Stretch Pants

The natural fiber that stretches the pants makes the material adhere to the hoop more tightly and smoothly. It makes hula hooping easier than

clothes made with material that is synthetic.

Stretchy Dress or Skirt

Stretchy dresses or skirts are most effective when worn with cotton underwear. It allows for contacting other hoops with the skin on the leg.

Tops with Short Sleeves or Sleeveless Tops

The absence of sleeves allows the hoop to have direct shoulder access. You may decide to wear the classic tank top or you may opt for light cotton short-sleeved tops.

Lightweight Shoes

The best option for footwear in hooping is no footwear! However, it is not always possible to go barefoot. When you have chosen to wear shoes, ensure that they have soles made out of leather, and are lightweight. These shoes will allow you to transition smoothly and quickly.

Avoid wearing basketball shoes or tennis shoes unless you need extra lumbar or feet support. You may wear moccasin or other flat, lightweight shoes.

Clothing You Should Never Wear To Hula Hoop

  • Avoid clothing made from synthetic fiber. Synthetic material does not allow the clothes to breathe cotton is relatively safe and fire-resistant.
  • The best materials include cotton, hemp, and linen.
  • Avoid wearing belts, jackets, having full pockets, or wearing materials made from synthetic fibers and polyester.
  • Avoid wearing layered clothing.
  • Jewelry on your wrists, neck, and waist may be distracting and hamper the fluidity of your movements. Instead of jewelry, you may opt for makeup, especially before festivals. Put on good quality make-up that will last for several hours and be sweat resistant.

Plan Before Your Hooping Sessions

Do research ahead of your hooping sessions, festivals, and competitions. Be informed about the weather before the session, so that you will know whether to wear your hair up, in a braid, or in a fashionable bun.

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