Can You Be Into Fitness and Still Vape?

Fitness and Still Vape

Does getting fit ultimately mean you can’t do a bit of vaping? Will your vaping habit affect your workout? In this article by Market leaders, we will be answering the qualm regarding the relationship between e-cigarettes and working out.

Nowadays, a good number for 20 – 30 somethings keep their vapes up close wherever they go, and this only means that the popularity of vaping with the younger demographic has only increased over the years. Alongside this phenomenon is the rise of the fitness lifestyle, where people are going head over heels with their exercise and workout routines. So, to clear things up, the answer is a resounding yes.

Here’s why.

Vaping and Working Out

Tobacco and E-cigarette expert Professor Robert West discusses that it is a given that inhaling anything that isn’t fresh air can cause harm to your health. Then again, the key difference between vaping and cigarette smoking is the tar that goes in your body – in the case of the former, the lack thereof.

Both of these contain Nicotine, which is the substance that keeps the user hooked and addicted. However, it is with vaping that no amount of tar will go inside your body, thus allowing your lungs to considerably clear up.

What Happens to Your Body when you Smoke

It is precisely for this exact reason that if you are a cigarette or tobacco smoker and you’re planning to get into some fitness activity, like a workout routine or a new sport, you have to give it up, one way or another. Physical activities are more difficult for smokers because their blood cells cannot carry the required amount of oxygen due to the existing carbon monoxide content. But, there is progress even in just one day of stopping the habit, and it will make you better with exercise. The other problem that smokers anticipate is the withdrawal period. When the body starts craving for Nicotine, it can evolve from bouts of irritability to weakening muscles and fever, rendering you unable to exercise at all.

Easing out of the Addiction 

This is where vapes and e-cigarettes can come in handy. They offer the assistance that will gradually wean you out of your daily nicotine craving. Vaping allows you to pick from a variety of juices with their respective nicotine content percentage, and you can slowly reduce the dosage as time goes on. Another good thing is that even with a juice of a high Nicotine strength, you won’t have to worry about any substances clogging up your lungs and causing you terrible health damage.

Vaping allows you to slowly fix up a bad habit while developing a new one. Not only does vape and e-cigarettes pose a much lesser risk to your health, but it also allows you to improve the quality of your life. It’s even unlikely for an unforeseen ailment to develop directly as a consequence of vaping, so there really is nothing to worry about. Just be reminded to keep track of your substance addictions and make sure that you are continually on the road to getting rid of smoking, so you can live a truly healthy life.

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