Our Hoops

The benefits of using hula-hoops as a form of exercise are shockingly diverse. It helps you stay fit by building up your core strength, your power, and your stabilization.

It is comparable to the treadmill in burning those fats because it can burn more than 400 calories in an hour. Like other forms of exercise, it is good for the heart, lowering your blood pressure, and for your brain too, sharpening your mental skills! The brain releases endorphins after Hula hooping – in other words, you will feel very good after your exercises!

Unlike other forms of exercise, hooping helps posture and the spine’s flexibility because of its rhythmic movements. It burns belly fat too and can take the place of certain abdominal muscle exercises, all the while giving you a back massage.

We know all of the glorious benefits that hula hoops can bring, so our hoops are specially designed to give you the maximum effects out of each session of exercise. We have designed various types for you to meet your needs.

Is this the first time you’re trying this form of exercise? Are you a dancer or a gymnast? Do you have kids who are bored and need a challenge, so you’re looking for a hoop that is resilient and flexible? We have the perfect hoops specially made to fit your needs sold at a very reasonable cost and shipped in Canada and internationally. We also have special rates for school gyms!

We also sell special bulk order packs that include a workout E-books, complete with videos and written tutorials perfect for beginners to advanced level of hoopers. We have bulk packs for kids, personal, and for instructional purposes.