Outline of Program

The length of the program depends on you. It can last for 20 to 90 minutes. The maximum of students in the program per lesson is 45. We take care of everything including the equipment. and for schools, we accept sessions allocated during the school day. The structure of the program follows:

It begins with an activity that gets students engaged and warmed up. This is usually interactive and challenging to get their minds and bodies active and alert. It may be a demonstration, a question, or an activity.

The play session follows after that, and it is varied, so students are never bored. We have special activities designed for different children, so it can range from circus activities to hooping games.

The creative session follows. Tricks are introduced and activities to engage their fine and gross motor abilities, concentration, and attention span. Principles from math and science are incorporated, so they put into literal practice what they learn from school. They learn how to move across their body’s midline, and this helps the left and right brain connections to become stronger.

Here, they relax for a bit to rest and catch their breaths. This includes stretching exercises and tutoring on how to control breathing in exercise. They can ask questions and listen to advice from the tutor, share their experiences, and summarize what they have learned. They are given homework to practice their new skills as well.