Begin your hooping fun today! You can order via our online store, and receive your hoop in Canada or internationally. Shipping fees depend on distance. Here are our Hoops:

Starter Sized Hoop C$20.00

If you’re a beginner, then this is just the right hoop for you! At 46 inches’ diameter, it’s tubing is black with grip tape included.

Trickster Sized Hoop C$20.00

Great for dancers or gymnasts, this is a flexible hoop which is good for dance moves and perfect for those who are adventurous and want to try new challenges. It comes in 38 inches in diameter, and the tubing is blue or green, with grip tape included.

XL Trickster Sized Hoop C$20.00

It is perfect for pregnant women and new mothers, and if you have a limitation with your knees and ankle joints, this is a great choice. It comes in 42 inches’ diameter tubing that is green or blue or green, a grip strand is included too.

Mega Hoop $30.00

Do you want to hoop as a couple or with a friend? At 60 inches in diameter, it is guaranteed to make hooping super easy. It is also ideal for pregnant women, and if you’re having trouble learning how to hoop, this one is good for practice.

Kid’s Hoop C20.00

With its attractive tubing, you can choose your child’s favorite color. If you’re experienced in hula hooping and you want to perform tricks, it is perfect for you too. It is 32 inches in diameter, with grip strand included.

6-in-a-pack Hoops C$125.00

Do you want to hoop as a group or with your family and workout buddies? Are you an instructor and you need hoops for lessons? This pack gives you six hoops.

15-in-a-pack Hoops C$325.00

The more, the merrier! This pack includes tutorial videos for the first and second level of hooping and many other tips.

Note: When shipped, we have to fold our hoops down. If you’re unsure how to unfold it, please follow our instructional guidelines on how to unfold.