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6 Fun Ways to Play With a Hula Hoop

Hula hoops may seem like a too simple and an archaic way to have fun, but it has a wide range of benefits, and it will keep you entertained. It

Welcome to Hoop City – Hula Hoop Play Fitness School!

We are very happy that you dropped by here. We are the center of the widely acknowledged Hula Hoop Play Fitness School Program, and we are well known for inspiring fitness and fun through hula hoops!

Hoop Play Program

Hoop Play is a program that helps you gain fitness and feel more confident in your body. It uses hoop dances and maneuvers that ensure that you’re getting better in stability, whole-body coordination, focus, posture, and mobility. Its rhythmic movements are similar to dancing, which makes it fun.

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Divisional Learning

Your child will learn a new way to have fun and how to use the hoop. It will be like just a game to him or her. Different games will be introduced to your child including using the waist for hula hooping and other activities to keep him or her constantly engaged.

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The length of the program depends on you. It can last for 20 to 90 minutes. The maximum of students in the program per lesson is 45. We take care of everything including the equipment. and for schools, we accept sessions allocated during the school day.

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Our Hoops

The benefits of using hula-hoops as a form of exercise are shockingly diverse. It helps you stay fit by building up your core strength, your power, and your stabilization.

It is comparable to the treadmill in burning those fats because it can burn more than 400 calories in an hour. Like other forms of exercise, it is good for the heart, lowering your blood pressure, and for your brain too, sharpening your mental skills!

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We use PEX tubing for our hoops because our hoop materials are taken from Canada. PEX tubing is more flexible and resilient; it doesn’t break as easily as other materials, and it never develops kinks!

We are here to help you. For beginners, we recommend The Starter hoop. If you’re really having issues managing your hooping, The Mega Hoop is a great help. The Trickster is for fancy tricks. It is also a great choice if you’ve just had a baby, pregnant, elderly, or with injuries in your knee or ankle. The Kids Hoops is great fun for kids, and can be used by adults who like a challenge.

We want you to feel safe when you’re moving and doing tricks. We don’t want you to be bruised and sick or hurt when it falls.

Hooping does not put harmful stress on your body. Our instructors and E-books teach you how to use it correctly. We would recommend that you inform your doctor and get his opinion first before purchase though.

Yes! It strengthens the abdominal muscles, burns belly fat, builds stability, power, and posture, and helps exercise your back muscles too. It requires determination, strength and focus. Luckily, with our hooping program, we will give you more than your money’s worth in a complete body and mental exercise.

Yes! Don’t fear dear beginner! What you need is just to get the right size to hoop! If you’re a beginner, you will need a bigger sized Starter hoop which has the following benefits:

It gives you a greater amount of time to respond to it because it turns around much more slowly than a smaller hoop

It stays up on your waist longer because of the greater centripetal force

As you get more confident in your stability, we will recommend smaller hoops which also have benefits and increased intensity and complexity, good for cardiovascular and strength building.

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