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Daily Hoop Practice

Thursday November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving all.

So grateful for all of you and for my hoops!

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Nikki Marchand posted photos
12 minutes ago
Shorty replied to the discussion 'Thursday November 27, 2014' in the group Daily Practice
"Nice tune, Loop, definitively give it a spin later :) We don't celebrate thanksgiving here (the catholic germans celebrate kind of thanksgiving, it's the first sunday in october and just celebrated in church while service), but I like the…"
31 minutes ago
Shorty replied to the discussion 'Wednesday November 26, 2014' in the group Daily Practice
"The parade is exciting, can't wait to hear/see more! And smart hubby ;-)"
54 minutes ago
Shorty replied to the discussion 'Wednesday November 26, 2014' in the group Daily Practice
"Thank you all for your input to the room problem. I spent the first afternoon shocked (the gym was really nice; I liked it a lot and rooms are hard to get), the next day I started cranking (can you say this in english? The german word for that makes…"
56 minutes ago
Alice Robins posted photos
5 hours ago
Alice Robins replied to the discussion 'Help! Why is it so hard to use color shifting tape?'
"I'll go for the thinner tape next time too, but for now I just cut strips of it and do it that way clear taping where each meets the new piece, it works but peels up fairly easily. Still, It's lovely tape and I'm just happy to have it…"
5 hours ago
Nikki Marchand replied to the discussion 'Help getting over nerves'
"First time I ever hooped was around a ton of people so I've never really been affected by it. I was awful at it but it didn't really stop me. I think if you just hoop around a lot of people and try to have fun with it you'll relax…"
6 hours ago
Dominique Alexandra replied to the discussion 'Should hoopers ask to use other's LEDs?'
"At this point, having only one smart hoop since I sold or donated everything before my move: I would only lend out beater hoops. $300-400 is a lot of money for my sacred circle and if something were to happen to it, I wouldn't trust anyone to…"
8 hours ago

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