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Daily Hoop Practice

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Post about your practice here...

I hooped it out to this one a couple of days ago...

Monday April 14 2014

One of my favorite bits of vintage electronica...the words are important but a bit hard to hear

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Post about your practice here :)

Saturday April 12, 2014

This song goes out to all of you! Life IS better with you!

Hoophugs to all!

Friday April 11, 2014

Happy Friday all!  So glad to be back...just came across this song today and loved the video...enjoy!

Latest Activity

Moonshadow replied to the discussion 'Evoke Collapsibility Question'
"Like the other ladies said, it collapses down to about 20".  You can't connect the ends together, but if you use velcro to keep the hoop collapsed, it travels very well.  Make sure to use the code "moonshadow" when…"
2 hours ago
Moonshadow replied to the discussion 'Future Hoop Pro or Astral Evoke?'
"I personally love the Evoke!  It's cheaper, lighter weight, and has no battery gap.  The future hoop pro has some awesome patterns, but it just isn't as good of quality as the Evoke.  Make sure you use the code…"
2 hours ago
Scott replied to the discussion 'Hoop Etiquette - just in time for the summer music festivals!'
"I've started writing the manual for my smart hoop and I'm paraphrasing a lot of this in the introduction.  Seems like stuff people ought to know.  If there's anything else along those lines that you think noobs ought to…"
5 hours ago
Kristina Brothis replied to the discussion 'Chest help, please.'
"Try concentrating your energy and pushing into the angle that needs help. So if it's lifting in the front try to push your energy forward. Also, Turning while chest hooping helps to even yourself out.  Lastly, If nothing else works. Pay…"
6 hours ago
Catherine West replied to the discussion 'Chest help, please.'
"I understand, trying to do two separate things while hooping is difficult, especially when you're new to it or to a particular move but in the end turning can be incredibly helpful and will become second nature. If you find yourself getting…"
7 hours ago

Violet Ponderosa posted a video

Hooping Idol 4 Hip Hop Week- Sara Violet Ponderosa

Here is my submission for Hooping.org's Hooping Idol Hip Hop Week. I am so happy to be apart of this year's Hooping Idol! I hope you enjoy my video, because ...
8 hours ago

LoopDLu replied to the discussion 'Tuesday April 15, 2014' in the group Daily Practice
"I didn't get in any time today...came home with a splitting headache, so I just sort of chilled out.  Feeling better now though :)"
8 hours ago

LoopDLu replied to the discussion 'Tuesday April 15, 2014' in the group Daily Practice
"Have a great trip Shorty!  Hope you get some good hoop time in and that you encounter wonderful surprises!"
8 hours ago

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