I am interested in teaching a hoop fitness class but I've never tried it before..there's nothing in my area that's just hoop fitness but I will be in Chicago mid June. Does anyone know if any hoop fitness classes I could take there to get an idea of how to structure the class?  Or a hoop teacher training would be awesome...thanks!!

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Not sure if you've looked into it but Hoopnotica has a fairly new program called HoopnoticaFit and they do teacher trainings to enable hoopers to teach cardio-based hoop fitness classes (rather than hoopdance, but you can easily combine them). They're having a teacher training for it in Allegan, Michigan on June 23. That's about 2.5/3 hours north of Chicago. :) I'll be there. The training is one day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the host hooper is willing to house travelers if needed) and you get the training/certification, training materials and a travel hoop and hoop tote bag. It's $250 + $10 shipping for the materials because you get those ahead of time, unless you sign up closer to the training date. Then I think they might bring your materials to give you. 

Hi!  Thanks for your response...that's sounds like something I'd really like to do.  the only problem is I was going to try to get my group primary license on that day in Kansas city where I live....ugh.  I wonder which is more important. Maybe I can rearrange my schedule and make it work...thanks!  


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Student invites will be sent out September 8th when I return to Canada. I will try to access e-mail before that if I can.
Thank you for your patience!


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