we're having a Deadmau5 dance off!

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Here's mine, its kinda hard to see becuase I should have put the blinds down and it's a little over 3 minutes but i was having fun :)

wow! this puts my video to shame, for sure. You definitely danced a lot more with it than I did. Way to go girl!!
Here goes!! sorry it's so late, it took forever!

Your movements are so smooth! i dig it! Good job girl! I had fun making this! I hate how dark mine came out, yours looks good :)
can i just say your so fucking cute lol i love your smile!
Thanks guys for the positive comments! Much appreciated! :)
This is really hard one, you both are really good, but I vote for ... Nikki, her flow seems to be better.
Wow, ladies. You made this a very difficult choice!!

Ok. I love the silhouette that Nikki's video created. You got some great skills and I like your movements to the music.

Jamie- Your movements weren't quite as smooth as Nikki's, but you looked like you had a lot of fun. I loved how you smiled at the camera when you were successful with a trick. And that was a really sweet over-the-head-pass at about 1:10.

My vote goes to Jamie because she was smiling the whole time and it seemed like maybe she was trying to incorporate more tricks into her hoopdance. Great job to both though. Loved the music choice (Deadmau5 rocks). Peace.
i thought that you had a good flow jamie. it looks as if you are barely holding on to the hoop and it just floats where you want it to go almost effortlessly. and the smile and brightness of the video is awesome.

Nikki you did great. i can tell you know alot of tricks and are a much faster hooper. however your body seemed more stiff and rigid during the video.

my vote is for jamie
My vote goes to Jamie. While both videos were excellent I liked the flow of Jamie's better.


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